Photography is an addictive passion that once embraced can never be forgotten.
This is a journal of my passion for photography which I will endeavour to update regularly with my latest photographs. I hope you enjoy my efforts.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

It's been a while but the blog is back up and running so here goes with a new post.
Having recently been priveliged to photograph the marriage of Phil Stone to Claire Langdon (now Mrs Stone of course), I felt it only fitting to kick off the new round of blog posts with a few of the wedding shots.
It wasn't an easy shoot as there were various venues ranging from the marriage venue to the local school, the local park and then to the reception venue, all of which were some distance apart. Along the way a large number of guests including family were temporarily lost. They had arrived by coach and decided to head straight for the reception instead of coming to the photo shoot at the park. However the shoot went ahead and the missing guests were caught at the reception so there was no major problem. Just goes to show though, even the best laid plans can go astray so improvisation is a handy skill to aquire.
Here are a few photos from the wedding of the lovely Mr and Mrs Stone:

There are of course many more photographs from the special day but I think that this is enough to share on this blog post. I will however take this opportunity to wish Mr and Mrs Stone a very happy future together.